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LESSOXS  IX BED                                         61

On the first evening six people were killed, and dozens were
seriously injured. Things looked very ugly indeed. Who did
Dr. Khan Sahib send for to treat the casualties ? A British doctor I
Why ? I can only conclude because he trusted them more than
the Hindu or Muslim doctors. A wounded Muslim would feel
that a Hindu doctor wanted to get his knife into him in more
ways than one, and vice versa. But they trusted the Englishman
because he didn't care a damn what their religion was/

Which shows that Dr. Khan Sahib can think clearly in a crisis.
If only he would not talk so much he might be an able leader.
However, it is only fair to admit that my own physical condition
at the time may have made me over-impatient with his subtleties,
which are so dear to all Congress apologists.

The stream of visitors continued. Most of them, naturally, were
Muslims, nearly all of them were fanatically anti-Hindu. Their
hatred was not political, and it appeared to have very little
economic motive ; it was more like a deep-rooted instinct.
The majority of them were pro-Pakistan, though they were not
very clear as to what Pakistan was. When I suggested that the
Muslims would suffer economically if India were split in two, they
said.. .'What does it matter whether we're rich or poor ? That's
our business.5 When they were asked how they would defend their
frontiers, they laughed. 'The southern frontier, that is to say, the
Hindu frontier,5 they said, cwe should treat with contempt. The
northern frontier would be an Imperial responsibility.5
They lost no opportunity to impress on me the decadence of
Hindu philosophy. One man told me of Lakhshmi Devi, the
Hindu goddess of Wealth, and of the ceremony where once a year
the rupee is worshipped. Another, who came from Kashmir,
told me that one of his friends had been transported for life
because he had accidentally killed a cow (which of course is the
supreme symbol of sanctity to the Hindu). 6A few years ago,*
he said, cthe penalty would have been death.' They inveighed